Microsoft Toolkit 2.7.1 Download For Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7 [2020]

Microsoft Toolkit 2.6.8 Windows 10 & Office Activator | Free

Microsoft Toolkit is an activator that is utilized to trigger the Windows in addition to the Office goods. It helps you in activating both the products, so you do not have to have two or more activators. This is very simplest and quickest way to trigger your Windows 8. It Has numerous added features like it may give you the Genuine Product Keys. One is by using the KMS server system, and the other is using EZ Activator. Also, It’s both online and offline versions. This means if you’ve got an internet connection, then you can activate it by using the internet. If not, then You’re also able to use this Great MS Toolkit for activation.

Microsoft Toolkit

Microsoft Toolkit is your multifunctional activator for Microsoft Office and Microsoft Windows, respectively. This incredible toolkit is developed by, which is an internet Forum. It is possible to use it to trigger Microsoft Office 2016, 2013, 2019, 2007, etc. Rather than this, you can trigger Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7 along with vista Respectively.

Microsoft toolkit Office 2019 controls Come with two detection methods is the KMS activation server that’s used in KMSPico. If you already know more about the KMSPico, then you ought to be aware that the way KMS Server operates. The Other approach is EZ Activator; it’s a process that works automatically and anonymously. It’s also very secure and dependable; you can select between both of these methods. MS Toolkit also provides you Genuine product keys, so in case you don’t trust the KMS or EZ Activator system, then you can trigger it inserting those keys. there isn’t any such alternative available.

Why need MICROSOFT Toolkit Activator?

Sometimes, windows toolkit Aren’t pre-activated, and You Cannot Cover the activation for that windows stimulation. In that situation, you can be utilized as a windows activation instrument named Microsoft toolkit¬†uwp ui controls. It’s a multi-tasking application that enabled you to activate your windows and Microsoft simultaneously. It is an automated activation application, and you do not have to trigger it manually.

Microsoft Toolkit

Characteristics of Microsoft Toolkit:

  • It is effortless and Simple to Use tool
  • It has the user-friendly interface
  • Lightweight and small in size approximately 30MB Maximum
  • Multi-Tasking Functionality
  • A automatic and manual regeneration procedure
  • It’s ultimately the virus-free instrument
  • It runs easily
  • Save the copy and recovery of the previous one
  • It let you activate your windows offline or online
  • You must not be required for the internet link
  • It’s a lifetime activation tool
  • Provide real-time protection for your windows to make it registered
  • Front port with uninstall option, and you can uninstall it following the activation process
  • Customizable setup and retrieval options

Windows Activation

By Using MS Toolkit, you will be able to activate your Windows Operating System. It will allow you to activate Windows 7 into Windows 10. Also, it may trigger all of the editions of Windows. Instead of only triggering Windows, this amazing Activator will help you in sparking the MS Office products.

Genuine Activation

It grants you the guarantee for the Actual activation. Now You do not need to worry about being caught by Microsoft or do not ever believe that they will indicate your Windows as flagged. It’s 100% genuine and 100% secure.


It has a multi-modules meaning that it supports the multi Activation approach. Such as, triggering Windows or Office via KMSAuto procedure or triggering Office or Windows by using EZ Activator. You can select your desired module to activate your own Microsoft Products. It’s encouraged by both chips, no matter if you are using a 32bit based chip or a 64bit based chip. You can activate and utilize this instrument for both architectures without any issue. You have to know that it requires to get an internet connection. But in the most recent and upgraded version, they have added the capability to operate offline.

Auto Detect System

The Auto-Detect System means today you don’t need to pick your system that the activator will automatically find it, and you can then find the data in the Microsoft Toolkit Windows 10 Activator. I like MS toolkit Just because of this since whenever I Install new windows, I rarely forget which variant I just installed.

Live Notification Alerts

This service helps you to inform you that your Windows or Office is activated. This means that if you click on the trigger Windows, you may then do some other endeavor and when your windows are triggered. You will be notified together with the active Notification alarms.

Microsoft Toolkit Office 2010 is scanned by dialing Complete as well as other adware Scanner, and it is proved that it doesn’t contain any virus. It’s 100 percent virus-free, and there’s not any such Malware and Trojans present in this activator.

No Advertisements

Microsoft Toolkit Activator office 2013 does not include any advertisements. This instrument is 100% free, and it will not encourage ads, so whenever you use and trigger Office or Windows us MS Toolkit, you then won’t get bothered with the ads.


Format: EXE
Size: 66.07 MB
Category: Activator
Language: English
Latest Version: 2.6.8
Manufacturer: Microsoft Toolkit

System Requirements to install Microsoft Toolkit:

Supported O.System: Windows 8/ 8.1/ 10 /32-64bit (it’s encouraged for both 32 and 64 bit operating systems)
Processor Requirement: Minimum 1GHz chip needed to install
RAM Required: Minimum 1GB Ram Is Essential to install on your pc to run
HHD Required: 100MB of hard disk space required to install it on your computer
Display Required: 1024 x 768 display

How to Activate the Microsoft Toolkit:

  1. After complete the setup, run this application by double click on it
  2. Disable antivirus and windows shield from the computer before running it
  3. Click the activate button after obstructing the anti-virus and windows protector
  4. Now, You have activated variant of windows
  5. Assessing all and enjoy.

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