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MacBooster Serial Key With Activation Code

MacBooster is a computer program easy-to-use and powerful features, system utility for Mac OS users. Similar to Windows PCs, Mac computers also suffer from slow response, over occupied hard disks, problems in simplifying apps, and other system difficulties. MacBooster will help users resolve these problems with just one click. It clears out crap files in the system, finds and removes malware and virus, identifies big or replicated documents that take up a substantial part of a hard disk drive, and assists you uninstall undesirable programs that won’t readily go away. It is the ultimate tool you will need to keep your Mac machines operating quickly and securely.



Boost your Mac to summit performance

Mac gets slower and slower because of Mac disc issues. MacBooster 6 can maximize Mac hard disk drive and fix disc consent issues. Ensure your disc will always be the superb status and improve your Mac to peak performance.

Enjoy a

Your one-stop Mac care tool to clean up Junks and remove Mac malware and virus to secure your Mac; besides, MacBooster6 can maximize Mac hard disk, fix disk permission difficulties, into the summit performance.

Clean up

MacBooster 6 scans every corner of the Mac, and Safely removes unnecessary files, including 19 unique varieties of junk listed below. Free up your Mac hard disk drive and provide you more room to conduct your Mac efficiently. It is particularly beneficial for Mac users who have bigger hard discs.

Memory Clean to Speed Up Mac

Mac can slow down as more materials are running at The RAM is evaporating up. By using MacBooster 6 Memory Clean App, you can free up inactive memory for other tasks.

What’s New in MacBooster License Key

  • The new feature”Turbo Booster” added to the Stability and ultimate performance of the Mac apparatus.
  • New tools are added to find copies and photograph sweeper.


System Cleanup

Mac helps you do amazing things such as listening to music, editing photographs, gaming, operating, and much more. But, Mac hard drive space is readily taken up by a variety of unwanted documents, so your Mac warrants additional care. MacBooster 6 can scan and clean profoundly to free up space. With more space being published, you can place more critical content on your own Mac.

Virus & Malware Scan
threats. It firmly gets rid of all files and information that can act as potential dangers to a Mac and invade your privacy.

Privacy Sterile

Clean your solitude information safely
All the unwanted history data on your own Mac. With just one click, MacBooster 6 enables you to erase the cache, cookies, browsing history (Including downloads), HTML5 local storage from the explorer. In addition, it can get rid of the new things, system tastes, and clear the app traces to make sure that your private information will never be vulnerable.

Boost your Mac to peak performance

Your Mac will be hauled slowly if your Mac disk Consent has been altered no matter on your own or the third-party apps. And what’s more, the cache created by the third-party apps, especially the iTunes and the press app, will occupy an ample space of your disc. MacBooster 6 can resolve the disk consent issues and optimize your disk storage to improve your Mac into the summit performance.

System Status

Keep Tabs on your Mac status.

MacBooster 6 reveals that a comprehensive but Straight-forward analysis of system status from three facets, such as Malware Removal, System CleanUp, and Performance Boost.

Click scan and fix

With one click “Scan,” MacBooster 6 shows you how many issues have been found. It is possible to quickly check details by clicking every meter or resolve all the problems by clicking on the “Fix” Button to reclaim more hard disk space and increase your own Mac functionality instantly.

Memory Clean

RAM on Mac could be fulfilled using cache files Which assist load the jobs if you want them afterward. Should you need a bigger space for a particular endeavor,

Startup Optimization

Many users have discovered that their Macs’ launching Time becomes more as they utilize more. MacBooster 6 can help you resolve this issue by maximizing your startup objects. It finds you the software which opens during startup and allows you to disable them so you can start your Mac faster.



100% control on all of your Apps

MacBooster 6 will correctly locate every application package on your own Mac and the hidden elements of them, then uninstall them using no leftovers. You could also batch uninstall apps to spare your own time.

System Requirements

  • Windows: 7/ 8/ / 8.1/ / 10.
  • RAM: 513 MB or high.
  • Processor: Intel Cour two Dou.
  • Hard Disk Drive: 50 MB hard disk space.

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